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I embarked on my holistic animal healing journey in 2019, prompted by an unfortunate incident involving my oldest Border Collie mix, Jagger. He tore his cranial cruciate ligament – CCL (ACL in humans), at the age of 5, prompting a search for solutions. Initially, the only viable option seemed to be Canine CCL surgery, with the hope of restoring his ability to partake in his favorite activities: agility, frisbee catching, playful runs alongside his 6-month-old sister, Maizey, and occasional, albeit unapproved, chases after deer or rabbits in our backyard.

The journey through this process involved a series of doctor appointments, tests, and a learning curve regarding pre and post-canine CCL surgery care. Jagger was prescribed medication to manage pain and swelling, and without proper awareness or research into potential side effects, we dutifully administered the prescribed treatment. Progress was evident as he started bearing weight on his injured leg, swelling reduced, and sensitivity to touch diminished. However, we were oblivious to the fact that this was leading to the development of stomach ulcers.

A significant turning point occurred when we witnessed Jagger vomiting blood and discovered traces of blood in his stool. Swiftly, we halted the medication, initiating my journey into holistic healing for animals. Guided by various holistic professionals, I delved into the benefits of herbal medicine, aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, and nutrition for holistic mind and body recovery. Three months into Jagger’s holistic regimen, he exhibited no signs of pain related to his torn CCL and his digestive sensitivity stemming from stomach ulcers had abated. A mere five months later, his vibrancy and energy levels had experienced a remarkable upsurge.


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My pursuit of knowledge under the guidance of these holistic experts led me to an invaluable connection with a holistic veterinarian. For more than two years, I engaged in rigorous animal health and essential oil studies, live coaching sessions, and training including participation in animal case studies. The culmination of this effort resulted in the attainment of my Animal Aromatherapy Specialist Certification, then a year later, the Animal Aromatherapist Certification. In 2023, I completed my certification as a Holistic Pet Health Coach with a focus on nutrition. In addition, I am a Holistic Pet Health Coach Mentor under Dr. Ruth Roberts, an accomplished Integrative Veterinarian with extensive certifications in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Food Therapy, and Functional Medicine.

I am now afforded the privilege of sharing my insights with you and your cherished companions. Together, we can empower them to lead their best, healthiest lives for as long as possible.

Meet Natalie:

I’m a true Michigander at heart, fully embracing the kaleidoscope of all four seasons and basking in the sun-soaked summers that Michigan generously offers. My enthusiasm for outdoor escapades and unquenchable curiosity to discover new places, propel me into thrilling adventures and spirited sports competitions.

My journey commenced on the southwest side of the state. After earning a BSA in Management Information Systems from Central Michigan University, I found myself irresistibly drawn to the captivating allure of the Ann Arbor Area. My unwavering thirst for knowledge pushed me to complete my MBA at Eastern Michigan University, adding depth to my comprehension of our intricate world.

With a corporate background spanning over two decades, my fervor for holistic pet care remains steadfast. Effortlessly intertwining my corporate expertise with my inherent affection for animals, wellness, and nature, my mission stands firm: to empower pet parents with wisdom and resources for nurturing their beloved companions naturally.

In my personal world, I’m deeply connected to my five beloved animals: Molly, Maizey, and Jagger (my dogs), and my two cherished cats, Myko and Izzy. They’re not just pets; they’re family members who bring boundless joy and inspiration to my holistic journey. Together, they’re a driving force that fuels my commitment to fostering wellness and happiness for all furry companions.

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10 Year Old Border Collie Mix Rescue 


5 Year Old Border Collie Mix Rescue


5 Year Old Border Collie Mix Rescue


Mykonos (“Myko”) 6 Year Old Rescue


Isadora (“Izzy”) 14 Year Old Rescue