Healing and supporting the well-being of animals in a holistic and natural manner .

Where Happy Tails Begin 

Welcome to Mi Pet Aromatherapy and Wellness where we specialize in holistic pet care for animal lovers seeking natural alternatives to enhance the well-being of their furry companions. As a certified animal aromatherapist and holistic pet consultant, I provide a comprehensive range of natural healing modalities, including essential oil education, nutritional healing, red light therapy, acupressure, and alternative remedies. Our mission is to empower pet parents to embrace a holistic approach, addressing emotional, physical, and mental aspects of their pets’ health. Through personalized consultations, workshops, and expert guidance, we support a symbiotic partnership between pet owners, traditional veterinarians, and holistic practitioners to ensure your pets thrive, live pain-free, and enjoy a healthier, happier life. Discover the transformative power of natural remedies and embark on a holistic journey towards holistic pet wellness with us.

Holistic Care

Embrace the paw-sibilities of holistic care and watch your pet thrive

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